1976 UK 1:1 Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Ref. 145.022-76

Before working here at the ‘dink, I was a big fan of the brand and content. A sentence that should come as no surprise, really. One Hodinkee-ism (some may say overused trope) from the first decades or so of the website goes something like “every watch collector should own a perfect fake Omega Speedmaster, a vintage one if you can.” I am paraphrasing, of course, but this is the kind of thing I’ve heard Ben say over and over again – at least in my head as I lay awake at night. Anyways, when it came time to purchase my first vintage watch, beyond three-digit eBay finds, I didn’t have to think too hard about which model but rather which reference.

Read enough Hodinkee and you’ll come to understand that the earlier the better when it comes to luxury fake Omega Speedmasters – our Reference Points on the Speedy barely touched on the examples made after NASA’s moon landing. As an aside, we’re going back to the Moon, supposedly, which is cool – hope they wear aaa quality replica Omega Speedmasters. For a long time, anything post-1969 was not really considered a “vintage” Speedmaster. Luckily for all of us, that perception changed. As I am somewhat of a snob at heart yet a bargain-hunter deep in my soul, the ultimate choice for my first “substantial” vintage watch was reference 145.022-69 – aka, the cheapest one that barely met the requirements for being considered “vintage.” Beyond paying the least possible amount for what I thought others would respect as “a true vintage Omega Speedmaster replica online” (what an idiot I was for actually thinking about that reaction at the time), in buying my watch I focused on two things: dial condition and lume color.

The mix of matte black dial, stark white hands and dial printing, as well as creamy tritium lume is what a vintage Speedmaster is all about. For me, it doesn’t matter if Swiss replica Omega made your watch before or 20 years after the Moon landing. As long as it has the right look, it’s a great vintage Speedmaster in my book. As you may have guessed, this ref. 145.022-76 is exactly that. Hailing from the often-overlooked and frankly undervalued mid-to-late 1970s Speedmaster generation, this example will not break the bank yet you get all of the charm and the right look. There is truly no going wrong here. Check out this UK high quality replica Omega Speedmaster Professional in full right here in the H Shop now.

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