A Closer Look: All Three Fake AAA Omega Speedmaster Professional Watches In Moonshine Gold

In combination with the brushed surfaces on the case (and bracelet), I find the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster Professional in Moonshine Gold to have a more toned-down look than previous Speedmasters in traditional 18K yellow gold. I purchased the Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th Anniversary Limited Edition in Moonshine Gold back in 2019, and it has become one of my absolute favorite watches to wear. Therefore, I was quite happy to see the two new 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster Professional models in Moonshine Gold introduced a few months ago.

The Speedmaster Professional in gold
Before the Moonshine Gold luxury fake Omega Speedmaster Professional came out in 2019, it had been a while since there was a Moonwatch available in gold. Even though the movie Money Monster (2016) features George Clooney wearing a gold Speedmaster Professional, that watch was already out of production by 2012. The full-gold Omega Speedmaster replica for sale was just not in demand. Most people seemed to think a Speedmaster should be in stainless steel, and for a long time, so did I. The only exception to that “rule” was the 1969 Tribute to the Astronauts reference BA145.022-69, limited to 1014 pieces.

Gold Speedmasters
But over the last 10 years or so, as the cheap fake Omega Speedmaster UK became more popular (and general interest in mechanical and luxury watches also increased), feelings about gold Speedmasters started to shift. I bought my first (vintage) gold Speedmaster Professional back in 2014, and the more I found myself wearing it, the more I thought it was about time that a modern gold Speedmaster should make a comeback. In 2017, Swiss made copy Omega very carefully introduced the Speedmaster Apollo 17 45th Anniversary Limited Edition in yellow gold. I say “carefully”, as Omega first introduced it as a limited series of 72 pieces, but after its initial announcement, decided to make it a run of 272 pieces. The demand was greater than expected.

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo XI Moon landing (and thus, the Moonwatch) in 2019 was the perfect opportunity for a new gold Speedmaster, and AAA quality replica Omega grabbed it. This Speedmaster was also the first to use the fourth-generation case design and the new caliber 3861. Two years later, Omega introduced the 3861-powered Speedmaster Professional in Sedna and Canopus Gold. Meanwhile, high quality fake Omega also used Moonshine Gold in the De Ville Trésor line.
Now, three years after the debut of this alloy, Omega introduces two more Swiss movement fake Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch models in Moonshine Gold. Like the Apollo XI, one has a solid gold dial but with a “Panda” design. The other variation has a green dial and a green bezel. Here at the office, I noticed that each version has its fans. After a few weeks of wearing them on and off, however, I have developed a clear preference.

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