Move Over Moonshine: Introducing the UK Perfect Replica BioCeramic Omega x Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatches

If you’re a watch enthusiast on social media, over the last week or so you’ve certainly seen cryptic teases from perfect fake Omega UK and Swatch about some kind of mystery project. Instagram stories from both brands hinted at a collaboration, which seemed, honestly, kind of strange.

Swiss made replica Omega is one of the kingpins of luxury watchmaking, second only to Rolex in terms of Swiss brands that are household names associated with the proverbial “nice watch.” Swatch is, how can I put this, something else entirely. Now, I love Swatch, don’t get me wrong.

But mass produced plastic watches with quartz movements (or mechanical movements that are literally designed to be thrown away) don’t exactly make for prized family heirlooms, which is kind of best 1:1 fake Omega’s bread and butter. That said, the Swatch collecting market is hot and unlike any other in the space right now, but that’s another story. Anyway, if it was going to be an actual collaboration, it raised a ton of questions about what it could be, how it would work, and, to be blunt, how top copy Omega could come out of it without looking like they’ve lent their name to a product that diminishes them.

Well, the AAA fake Omega Speedmaster MoonSwatch is here, and now that the collaboration has been revealed, it falls to the collector and enthusiast communities to decide what this means for the all important brand equity of both parties. Judging from the early response on Instagram and throughout the Watch Internet, it seems like both UK cheap replica Omega and Swatch are coming out of this smelling like roses, or maybe moondust.

A total of 11 replica watches online make up the MoonSwatch collection, each a colorful representation of a heavenly body within our little corner of the Milky Way, in the familiar lines of a top copy Omega Speedmaster case. The watches are made of Swatch’s still relatively new bioceramic material, first covered here in another space themed release. According to Swatch, this material is two-thirds ceramic, and one-third “bio sourced” plastic. The goal here is a material that has similar scratch resistance properties as ceramic, but with a premium feel that one doesn’t necessarily encounter with traditional plastic. You know, like in a Swatch.

The high quality replica watches are powered by quartz movements with a familiar three register Speedmaster layout, and are filled with little details linking it to a real Moonwatch. Example: these super clone watches UK for sale have the collector’s favorite “dot over ninety” tachymeter bezel.

You’ll also find a laser engraved “S” at the center of the crystal, just like you’d find a “Ω” on a Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster crystal. You’ve got the lyre lugs, of course, and a familiar 42mm diameter. And they’ve even given the thing a lousy water resistance rating of just 30 meters. That’s dedication.

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